Gourmet Ladies Night Promo

Are you looking for a great way to enjoy your free time with your friends? Then you should try going out for a ladies night. This can be fun and exciting for everyone that is involved, especially if you’re going to Calistoga Grill. Here are some of the ladies night out promos that you can take advantage of the next time you’ll visit our restaurant. 

Weekend bonanza

Every time the weekend comes, everyone is excited because it is the perfect time to enjoy and relax with your friends and family. That’s why we offer this promo for the hard-working ladies to let them relax and have fun. This is available on Fridays and Saturdays because we are closed during Sundays. 

All of the ladies get a 5% discount when they have 2 or more friends. They can also get starters for half the price. 

Holiday bonanza

Celebrate the holiday with us here at Calistoga Grill and have fun with your loved ones.

Our bonanza promo is for people who want to enjoy the holidays with delicious Southern-style cuisine and live music. All of the ladies get a free starter and a drink if they have 2 or more friends accompanying them.

VIP customers

This is one of the best promos that make customers come back to us. We love our loyal customers and we believe that they deserve rewards such as promos during their visits. Customers can get 10% off their beers every time they dine with us. They will also get a free starter every time. 

Everyday promo

Besides the good Southern-style food and great service, this is one of the key factors that keep our customers coming back to us. This type of promos can help you save a lot of money while eating here at Calistoga Grill. We offer a 50% discount for all the set menu, appetizers, desserts, and even drinks during lunch time to the lucky table number we’ll pick. 

Happy hour

We also have a happy hour promo for all the people who love to drink alcoholic beverages and want to savour everything. That’s why everyone can get the happy hour promo from 5:00 PM to 8:00 PM. Customers can enjoy one free drink every time they order their first drink. 

If you want to eat here, you can reserve a table at our Reservations Page. We are located at 235 Boul, St. Jean Pointe-Claire, QC  H9R 3J1. If you are interested in the food that we serve, you can take a look at our menu here at our website. 

Note: Please contact us either through our hotline or website to find out more about these events. We also have the right to cancel any of our events without notice, so if you’re planning for a ladies night out, please inquire first about our regular events.