Calistoga Grill Menu

Are you looking for a great resto and bar where you can bring your friends and family? You might have a hard time finding one because it can be a hit or a miss sometimes. It can get annoying since you won’t have a place to grab a bite and enjoy music. But you don’t have to worry about that anymore. 

Here at Calistoga Grill, we’ll make sure that our Southern-style food will blow you away. We also have great music performances every day that you can enjoy. In this article, we’re going to talk about the menu that you can order here at our restaurant. 


These are the dishes that our restaurant boasts because it is a labour of love for everyone. We created this with the freshest ingredients that we can find. This is to make sure that our customers taste the best flavours possible.

When you order our mains, you can also enjoy a soup or a salad on the house. You can also pick if you like Caesar salad or maple bacon salad. 

Steak au poivres – Pepper steak

This dish is a pepper-crusted New York striploin served with a traditional Madagascar peppercorn sauce, seasonal vegetables, and creamy garlic mashed potatoes. It will tickle your taste buds and make you want to scream and dance because of its warm and delicious flavour. You can have this amazing dish for only $42.95.

Contre filet New York – New York striploin

This dish is made from AAA grade New York strip and usually enjoyed with vegetables and garlic mashed potatoes that bring out its flavours. It is one of the favourites here at Calistoga Grill because of its delicious flavour and juiciness despite the normal presentation of the dish. It is available for only $40.90.

Steak Frites 

This steak is perfect for those who are just out there to have fun with their friends and dance on the floor. It is also made from the AAA grade New York strip served with homemade fries and a sauce of your choosing. You can get this dish to your table for only $26.95.

Cotes levees – Ribs 

You will love these ribs because you can see and feel it separating from the bone without any problems. This is slow-cooked for several hours in our secret sauce to bring out the natural flavour of the dish. It is usually served with BBQ sauce and homemade fries. It is only available in our restaurant for only $29.95. 

Fajitas au poulet – Chicken fajitas

This dish is a top-choice among our customers. It is best paired with a cold drink of your choice. It is made from fresh chicken that is grilled in a skillet with peppers and onions. You can pick your sauce because it is served with salsa, guacamole, and sour cream.  This is available for only $23.95. 

Poulet parmesan – Chicken parmesan 

For only $24.95, you can now taste one of the most popular dishes in the restaurant which is chicken parmesan. This is perfect for the health buffs out there because the chicken is cooked in an oven and doesn’t use oil and the other ingredients are homemade to keep the flavour great. It is served on top of linguine and vegetables. 

Saumon teriyaki – Salmon teriyaki

For the seafood lovers out there, we also have a great dish only for $28.95. This dish is made from the freshest salmon that we can find in the market. It is to make sure that you’ll get the best dish possible. You’ll enjoy the taste and we’ll make sure not to ruin the fresh taste of the salmon because our teriyaki sauce is perfectly concocted. This dish is often served with rice and seasonal vegetables to elevate the taste. 

Poisson et frites – Fish and chips 

The haddock fish is coated with our famous beer batter to make sure of the crispiness of the dish. We are proud to use locally brewed beer for our batter to elevate this dish further. It is available for only  $18.95. It is usually served with a tartar sauce and homemade fries and it is perfectly paired with our alcoholic drinks. 

Crevette épicées barbeque – Spicy barbeque shrimp 

This is one of the best sellers here at Calistoga Grill because it is one of the dishes that capture the authentic Southern-style of cooking. The shrimp used are freshly caught to make sure that you’ll get a great dish. 

It is cooked in our homemade special smokey tomato sauce to bring out the flavour and served with seasonal vegetables. Your taste buds will fall in love with its flavour after the first bite. You can get this dish for only $22.95.

Pate a la Romana – Romano pasta

If you want something light on the taste buds but still packs some proteins, this is the perfect dish just for you. The grilled chicken is cooked with artichokes, mushrooms, and sundried tomatoes to bring out its sweetness and tanginess. 

After that, it is tossed in a skillet with a homemade romano sauce and parmesan cheese to envelope the whole dish. This is to bring and mix the flavour eloquently for the customers to enjoy. Customers can get this dish for only $22.95. 

If you’re a vegetarian but still want to taste this great dish, we can make it happen for you. You can pick the vegetarian option for only $18.95. We’ll make sure you’ll enjoy the same calibre as the dish. We only replace the main ingredients with vegetarian-friendly products. 

Quesadilla au poulet – Chicken quesadilla

This is one of the favourites of the party-goers here because it has the best flavour balance and it is good with any kind of drink, especially beer. That’s why we only make this dish with the greatest and freshest ingredients that we can find in the market to make sure that every customer will love this dish. 

We handmade our quesadilla wrapper and used our homemade tomato sauce, sour cream, and guacamole to give you amazing flavours. The chicken quesadilla is also stuffed with Monterey Jack cheese to give it a smokey taste. It is delicious and available for only $18.95.

Pizza Montrealer

This dish is perfect for groups and people who love pizza. This is one of our best sellers even if it’s just a basic pizza.  It is made from tomato sauce, pepperoni, mushroom, onions, green peppers, and mozzarella cheese. Customers can get this pizza for only $16.95. 

Old faithful pizza

This pizza sticks to its roots because it only uses 3 ingredients but still delivers a great flavour to the customers. It is made only from tomato sauce, fresh basil, and mozzarella cheese, Customers can get this pizza for only $14.95. 

If you want some pepperoni in this classic pizza to give the flavour a boost, you could request for pepperoni to be added for only $2.00. 

Classic burger

If you are looking for a hearty meal to chow down, then this might interest you. This burger is one of the juiciest and tastiest ones around this area. The customers are loving this dish because it has great flavour and texture. 

This burger is available for only $18.95. It is made from cheddar cheese, crispy bacon, lettuce, and tomato. The dish is served with homemade french fries so you can enjoy the whole meal.

If you are a vegetarian but still want to taste the juiciness of this great dish, you should try the vegetarian option for this available for the same price. The meat is substituted with tofu so you can enjoy the whole dish without being guilty. 


Here are some of the sauces that you can order and add to your steaks or other dishes. The sauces are available in demi and complet sizes. 

Sauce au poivre – Pepper sauce 

This sauce is perfect for the people who love spicy food because it has the right amount of hotness for you to enjoy the dish but not overpower it. 

Sauce champignons-bourbon – Mushroom-bourbon sauce 

If you want to taste an out-of-this-world sauce, then this is the right one for you. The combination of the mushroom and bourbon is perfect for any dish that you find bland. 

Sauce au fromage bleu – Blue cheese sauce

This is the right sauce for the adventurous types of the diners. Because It is made from blue cheese so it projects a strong flavour and elevates some of the dishes. 

Crevettes cajun – Cajun shrimp 

If you can’t have enough of the Southern-style of cooking, then this sauce can bring it back. It is made from authentic spice to make sure that you’ll get the perfect taste that you need. 

Sauté de champignons et oignons – Sauteed mushroom and onions 

This sauce is perfect for the steaks because it gives it a sweet and earthy taste that you look for in a great dish.